Nata Kazbegi

Starting with a happy and pure childhood in the northern Tundra. A coming of age on the shores of the beautiful lake Baikal. Heady  early days in business, bringing A-list international artists to private events in Moscow, Nata has always drawn inspiration from what and who is around her.


The perfect form of a snow-flake. The bold colours of the short but lush northern autumm. The warm, eclectic cultural harmony of her adopted second home, Tbilisi. The modern architectural and design solutions of the foremost cities of our age, such as London and Milan. All this and much more is what forms Nata's taste and thinking on design.


To earn her qualification as a designer, Nata completed courses at «Detali», a renowned school of interior design, where she was tutored by some of the biggest current interior design practitioners in Moscow. Since graduating in 2016, she has honed her skills on a dozen of projects, some of which are featured on this website.


For Nata, design is not a profession but a true calling and way of life. Her ultimate mission is to create an interior, which leaves the Client inspired and unlocks a new state of harmony in their life. Nata has a restless eye for the esthetic in everything she does, from laying the family breakfast table, to choosing her look for the next Client meeting, all of which underpin her immersive and perfectionist approach to any project she takes on.


A married proud mother of two, Nata is a keen explorer and  notwithstanding travel restrictions, splits her time between Moscow, Tbilisi, London.